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Ante-natal Deep Dive Sessions; Pregnancy Support and Birth Preparation 
In person or online.  
We will offer you invaluable holistic support and guidance to help you prepare fully for giving birth.
We are experienced and skilled in the following:  
  • Holding space for you to really connect with yourself
  • Deep emotional support
  • Exploring and affirming your birth choices
  • Helping you to write a birth plan
  • Identifying and meeting your pregnancy needs
  • Helping you to feel confident and supported
  • Assisting you to process any previous birth trauma or anxieties
  • Providing excellent information and signposting
  • Advocacy of your birth rights
  • Relationship support and empowering your birth partner in their role
  • Supporting meaningful connection with your baby
  • Exploring the shamanic and transformational dimensions of your pregnancy
  • Exploring positive changes to your lifestyle, diet, herbal support etc.
  • Explaining the natural physiology of birth and the conditions that support it, and illuminating the stages of labour
  • Exploring how best to prepare for and anticipate your needs for the post-partum time and breastfeeding
  • If meeting in person we may very well incorporate bodywork / rebozo techniques / birth art / soul journeying with the shamanic drum / herbal tea making and more. 

Pregnancy Pamper Session
For this gorgeous treatment Cassandra and Alix will come to your home and provide you with an oxytocin rich pamper session to delight all of your senses and help you to release and relax in body and mind in preparation for giving birth. 
We will guide you through a relaxing meditation, prepare a herbal foot bath to help you to relax, then massage you with uplifting oils and support you in deeply relaxing and receiving.  We can also use rebozo techniques for releasing around the hips and pelvis and for taking the weight of the bump to help all the muscles in your lower back to fully relax.
What better way to prepare for birth? Mothers give so much. We want you to give from the overflow. 

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BodyWork Treatment
£65 for 90 minute 
For pregnancy and postpartum, and to help with conception.
"Tension is who you think you should be, Relaxation is who you are"
- Chinese Proverb. 
Working intuitively and holistically, and rooted in the ancient wisdom of traditional Chinese medicine, shiatsu tends to your whole being through bringing awareness t o where your energy is flowing, where it's stuck and where it's depleted. Treatments work with the movement of Chi (energy) in the body, using a combination of pressure, stretching, massage, acupressure and energy work along the energy channels of the body.  It's a deeply relaxing, restorative and energising treatment to receive during pregnancy. 
Massage Therapy
Working intuitively and holistically, massage therapy supports your whole system to relax and release physically and emotionally.
A session will include a combination of deep tissue massage, myofascial release, lymph drainage, abdominal and reproductive massage, energy work, use of rebozo (long scarves) or hand woven Faja, aromatherapy and a variety of  techniques, blending depth with sensitivity. 
Belly massage can be a beautiful way to connect with your baby.
Mother Blessing
A Mother Blessing is a ceremony held to prepare an expectant mother for her upcoming birth journey. Here we will shower mother-to-be with love, support and encouragement.

Ritual and ceremony is a vital way to help us mark and honour important phases in our lives. Having a baby and preparing for motherhood is a big rite of passage which we love to celebrate with a Mother Blessing.
Dakini doulas can organize and facilitate a unique celebration for you! Bringing friends and family together in a way that feels deeply supportive, joyful and honouring. We will nurture you as you transition into motherhood and support you in feeling like the goddess that you are. 

Drum Journey/ Guided Visualisation for Pregnancy

While you lay down comfortably, Alix and Cassandra will take you on a guided journey, using bodywork, drum, voice, herbs, song and prayer, to assist you in accessing your innate wisdom, insight, feelings and creativity.  

   This session is designed to lovingly support you in connecting with yourself and your baby, and to access any messages / images from your deep self to draw upon when you give birth.  

Postpartum De-briefing
In person or online.
Cassandra and Alix will hold a deeply loving space for you to debrief your birth experience and journey as a parent thus far. This is an opportunity to explore, express and process in a safe, non-judgemental and compassionate space. We will listen to you. We will respond to you.
We may offer some suggestions in the spirit of supporting you to integrate the unique lessons of your birthing and mothering experience. These sessions can be very rich and healing.
We will hold you so that you can feel all you need to feel, open to the blessings of your experience, and shine a light on the soul lessons and ancestral healing at work. 

Cerrada Closing Ceremony 
£180 - 250 (sliding scale)
Cerrada is a traditional Mexican healing ceremony, helping to cleanse, release and close a woman postpartum.  
A Cerrada incorporates many of the healing therapies outlined above, and is a powerful way to debrief, integrate and receive the holding and nurture you need after having given birth.  Please click here to read more about this powerful post-partum ceremony.

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