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CERRADA~ "Closing"

Cerrada Closing Ceremony 
£180- £250 sliding scale 
"Bringing healing traditions back into our lives."
Cerrada is a traditional Mexican healing ceremony, helping to cleanse, release and close a woman after the expansiveness of birth.   

For several years now the Dakini Doulas have been offering the powerful post-partum ceremony known as Cerrada; a ritual honouring and "closing" of a mother after she has done the monumental work of opening (on every possible level) to give birth.

Our respect for the power of Cerrada, and our passionate wish that all mothers get to receive one, only grows deeper over time. 

Receiving a Cerrada can be a powerful way to debrief, integrate and receive the holding and nurture you need after having given birth.  It is never too late to receive a Cerrada, even if it's many years post birth. 

The Cerrada we offer comes from the lineage of Angelina Martìnez-Miranda, a Mexican midwife and rebozo wisdom keeper. The rebozo scarves we use come from Mexico, handwoven by Women on Angelina Martinez's midwifery apprenticeship programme, thereby supporting the continuation of traditional wisdom.

Cerrada works on many levels; physically drawing the pelvis, bones, muscles and ligaments back into alignment and bringing increased blood flow to the core. It helps the uterus shrink, return and lift, and brings support to the internal organs. Emotionally, Cerrada is for releasing and soothing, honouring and witnessing, protecting and nourishing. Spiritually we are calling in the divine feminine. We are inviting full presence within the body; imminence and embodiment. We are calling ancestral holding and the support of all those who birthed and carried out Cerrada before us. 

This Cerrada has a strong lineage supporting it which adds to its power. Deep listening, herbal bathing and smudging, anointing, massage, rebozo binding, sound healing and song are integral to the creation of this sacred space. We use local herbs to draw upon the support of the land we work on. 

Cerrada closes the circle of pregnancy and birth. This ceremony helps a woman ground, integrate and heal, so she may confidently embrace the next step of motherhood. Cerrada is considered a highly effective way to protect a woman's physical and energetic body, keeping her body and soul warm and her boundaries strong and clear. This helps prevent postpartum imbalances (emotionally or physically), which can result from being left energetically open after birthing. Cerrada is strengthening for a woman on many levels and assists in bringing her spirit back into her own body.

This beautiful ceremony takes place in your home at a time that suits you. You can receive Cerrada within days, weeks, months and years after birth. Traditionally it would happen within the baby moon (first 4 weeks after birth) and can be more than once.

The investment is £180 - 250 (sliding scale) for a ceremony which lasts around 2-3 hours. Don't let money be a barrier. Speak with us, we want the work to be available.

You may wish to support this work and gift a Cerrada to another woman, known or unknown, or simply make a donation. This enables more women to access the healing.  Please email us if you wish to do this. 

With all of our love and prayers for proper postpartum care for all mothers,


Cassandra and Alix xx xx

To book a Cerrada or enquire further, you can send us a message here.

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