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What the course entails:

There will be weekly handouts and zooms, creating a sense of community, confidence, insight, empowerment and connection.

We will immerse ourselves in the following content:


  • Benefits of a homebirth

  • Why homebirth matters

  • Physiology of birth

  • Essential tools for pregnancy wellbeing including nutrition, herbs, embodiment practices and more

  • The importance of oxytocin

  • Empowering our intuition

  • Birth as a rite of passage

  • Pleasure positive pregnancy

  • Rebozo and belly binding

  • Visioning your birth

  • Birth plan examples

  • Practical homebirth checklist including essential herbal allies

  • Identifying & exploring blueprints, fears and beliefs around giving birth

  • Empowering partners to feel confident and relaxed

  • Protecting the golden hour

  • Essential tools and resources for postpartum healing

  • Placenta medicine

  • Cultivating community

Sessions will be 7:00-8:30 pm on the following days in May:


  • Tuesday 3rd 

  • Tuesday 10th

  • *Monday 16th*

  • Tuesday 24th

Investment for this course:

£200 full waged

£150 low waged

The group will be a maximum of 13 people.

We so look forward to sharing with you!

To book a place or enquire further you can send us an email at:

Homebirth Preparation Course
3rd May - 24th May, 2022
Essential tools and wisdoms to support you in best preparing for birthing in the comfort of your own home
Welcoming pregnant women and couples, doulas, birth workers and anyone with a strong interest. 
The focus will be homebirth, but this course is suitable for anyone interested in holistic and intuitively-led birth preparation, no matter where you are choosing to give birth (or end up giving birth).

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