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"Alix and Cassandra gave me the confidence and sense of calm to choose and ultimately receive the home water birth without intervention that I wanted. 


We attended regular meetings during the pregnancy where the support and knowledge provided met my every practical and emotional need. Cassi and Alix provided me with pre and post natal bespoke home made godsends including essential oil blends, special herbal teas, homeopathic helpers, magic perineum healing oil and spray, herbal bath sitz's and 'happy nipple' balm. I sailed into the birth with reassurance, motivation and comfort being there every step of the way, not to mention an abundance of hugs. 


I also loved how they included and really helped empowered my partner in his role. After the beautiful birth of my daughter the help didn't stop there as Alix came round to deliver organic pies and do my washing up!

I honestly feel that it would have been a very different birth experience for myself, my partner and baby without them. I certainly wouldn't ever consider giving birth again without a doula now and Cassi and Alix would be the first people that I would call if I found myself blessed a second time. Thank you so much super doulas!"

~Ms Fleur, first time mum in Bristol.

"I wholeheartedly recommend working with Alix and Cassi, particularly in the postpartum period. During the birth they supported me to have an incredible birth experience where I was both embodied and altered. Their gentle, strong, holding presence and complimentary gifts were like nectar for a new mum and family. They arrived with their baskets and brought the village to my home. Their holding, support and healing capacities allowed me to fully be present to the initiation into motherhood. I am so grateful to them and their work."
-Ms Rebecca Campbell, first time mum in Glastonbury
"Cassi and Alix are totally magical. I am so grateful for their support in realising my vision for the birthing of my little girl. It was empowered and glorious - unassisted, in a pool at home, surrounded by my lovely crew. Alix and Cassi are incredibly loving, wise, compassionate, giving and dedicated to their work. They have wonderful knowledge of herbs and techniques to assist with birthing. They are inspirational doulas, gorgeous friends, and it's a blessing to have them in my life".
~Ms Charlotte Drage, Bristol

"Cassandra deserves a kickass review for all the amazing work she's done.

  At every time of this miserable lockdown and all the way into the depths of our #birthbeforearrival, she’s been the steady hand that’s held us.. the keeper of the pregnancy fire.


The invisible power of the doula lies in the old art of caring. An art that comes from the depths of the earth herself. An art that embodies the divine feminine and that is the unseen glue that holds life together. And this woman is an expert! She’s full of love and leaves her very special imprint on everything she touches, like a good witch does. Her candles, flowers, herbs, and oils have filled my house with a loveliness I can’t quite describe. An ongoing beauty that fills the rooms. A presence so subtle, yet so strong that its magic has to come from the deepest of places.

   And still now that we’re going through the wars  she continues to hold me in so many ways...


Thank you Cassandra. You’ve been an absolute rockstar, angel, healer, sister in arms. Thanks for being there to welcome my boy into the world on our kind of unplanned freebirth. Your presence is like a balm."

-Lara Leongomez, first time mum Weston Super Mare


"Oh sweet beautiful ladies, I don't think I am able to articulate how grateful I am for the journey you took me on today. I feel so full of love for how you lifted my spirit and allowed goodness to flow through me. Cerrada really is a deep medicine.


When I climbed back into the bath I cried a lot, the grief surged through me, the birth surged through me and the love for my baby boy surged through me. 


You allowed such joy into my life again and I feel so free and light. I'm crying now writing this because I am so in awe of what you two have created together and feel so truly lucky I was able to experience the Cerrada. 


Thank you from the bottom of my heart, you beautiful earth wonders. This is an experience I shall never forget."


~Ellie, Bristol

"We are so lucky and blessed to be able to have Alix as our doula supporting our birth. She brought the most peaceful presence, quiet strength, deep space holding, birthing wisdom and all the practicalities required to have a peaceful, empowering home birth. We are so grateful! We didn’t even imagine the importance Alix's role would play in our birthing process, quite honestly we don’t think we would have had as smooth, gentle, magical, safe and empowering birthing experience without her being present with us, so thank you so much! We wholeheartedly recommend her to all that seek a peaceful, nourishing, gentle, safe, empowered birth."


~Aiste & Joel, first time parents in London. 


Aiste and Joel are the founders of the pioneering Wild Food Cafe in Neal's Yard - "choosing to eat in a way that causes the most benefit and least suffering to the inhabitants of the Earth and in a way that is the most nourishing, fun, delicious and empowering to us" Check them out at

"As a doula and shiatsu practitioner, one of the most important gifts Alix has to give, is her ability to listen carefully to your needs. Whatever they may be. She will be on hand to help as much or as little as is needed. Her gentle and grounded approach made me feel incredibly well held. We were going through a stressful time before the birth, but Alix's presence and approach transformed our experience, and we felt safe and supported. I can't recommend her enough. She was able to intuit when we needed help making decisions and when we needed to just make them ourselves. And that awareness in a doula is the key to feeling safe and at ease. My husband and I feel so grateful to have had her present at Tegwen's birth. Thank you so much Alix!"

-Frances Main, West Wales

"The decision to have a doula at the birth of my second child was the best and most significant decision we made. After My first son's birth I suffered from PTSD and PND and felt hugely disempowered by medical professionals. I struggled with high anxiety through my second pregnancy in anticipation of the birth. Cassi was so calming and reassuring a real pillar of strength throughout the pregnancy and birth. She anticipated my needs before I was aware of them and her gentle protective presence enabled me to have the empowering birth experience I was denied with my first. The support Cassi provided was priceless and both my husband and I would highly recommend her."

-Sidonie, mum to Torin & Frey.

joel aiste bodhi photo.jpg

'I am eternally thankful for your support, encouragement and presence during my pregnancy and labour. I had no doubt that you were 100% with me all the way and that made all the difference. Your acceptance and openness supported me to let go of my 'irrational' fears and no longer feel scared or ashamed. I loved giving birth! I look back with wonder at the power and beauty and I know it was the best possible way to welcome my daughter to the world. A start to parenting that hopefully set the scene for my journey with her.'


~Charlotte, first time mum in Bristol

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