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Distance Support | 101
​Distance doula support bundle for pregnancy, birth and/or postpartum care.
This service is offered on a platform of your choice, such as zoom or the phone, making our care accessible even when physical support is not possible. 
Tailored support can include:
  • Antenatal meetings to help you connect with your pregnancy and prepare for the birth

  • Partner support, facilitating communication and helping partners feel confident as birth supporters

  • Assisting you with creating a birth plan

  • Guided visualisations, meditations and birth art

  • Being available for online and phone support during and around your birth

  • Placenta option guidance

  • Postpartum debriefing and emotional support

  • Healing guidance (we can also send herbs and healing remedies in the post)

  • Lifestyle, herbal and nutritional support

  • Belly binding ideas for post-partum

  • Empowering information, resources and sign posting tailored to your needs.

If you are interested in exploring how distance doula support can support you, please be in touch to arrange an initial free 20 minute consultation to tune in with us and explore how we could work together.

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